Vela Shape is a non-surgical and painless system that utilizes a mix of advancements to diminish the presence of cellulite. Infrared light and bipolar radiofrequency energy delicately heat fat cells and encompass tissue, while vacuum technology controls your skin. These components cooperate to firm the skin and dispense with any dimples. You will see a general decrease in cellulite in the treated regions throughout the treatment. This incorporates places like the upper thighs or rump

Can Anyone Undergo this Treatment?

Since no medical procedure is involved, Vela Shape gives excellent outcomes to patients with almost no risk. Nonetheless, it is fundamental to go through an assessment to guarantee you are fit enough for the process. If it's not too much trouble, let our group know whether you are pregnant or have any ailments, like diabetes. Furthermore, patients shouldn't get Vela Shape assuming they have an infection close to the region they wish to treat.

What are the Side Effects of Vela Shape Therapy?

Following the Vela Shape system, you might have to wear compression clothing attires to make the recuperation cycle as smooth as possible. It is vital to stand by a few days before getting back to demanding exercises and permit your body sufficient opportunity to mend. Secondary effects, like swelling, are transitory and ought to disappear autonomously.

Subcategories of Vela Shape Therapy:

  • Thighs Per Session
  • Abdomen Per Session
  • Upper Back Session
  • Forearms Per Session
  • Full Legs Per Session
  • Neck Per Session
  • Upper Arms Per Session
  • Buttocks Per Session
  • Massage
  • Full Arms Per Session
  • Waist Per Session
  • Legs Per Session
  • Hips (Love Handle) Per Session

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