Mesotherapy is a non-surgical, extremely durable technique for fat expulsion, body moulding and is additionally utilized for hair loss and skin maturing. It was first evolved in France in 1952 to treat vascular and lymphatic problems. Nonetheless, it was found that relying upon the various substances infused; Mesotherapy could likewise assist with treating ongoing chronic pain, hair loss, bone, and joint problems, as well as psoriasis. As of late, with the revelation that muscle versus fat can be diminished by infusing specific substances, Mesotherapy is broadly used to assist with weight reduction, cellulite decrease, body chiselling, wrinkle expulsion, and facial revival.

What are the Side Effects of Mesotherapy?

Since Mesotherapy is administered straightforwardly to the target region, it is accepted that incidental effects are restricted or diminished as per DermNet NZ. Some side effects of Mesotherapy include:
- Prompt or postponed unfavourably susceptible response to the infused drugs
- Lecithin is known to cause inflammation and expanding
- Skin diseases
- Pigmentation at the infusion site
- Swelling at the infusion site
- Ulceration, scarring and deformity at the infusion site
- Panniculitis.

Who can Undergo Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy can be applied to all fit individuals whose age exceeds the 18-year margin. However, specific individuals with certain health issues may not be able to undergo such therapy. These cases will be dealt with accordingly by our staff members after the check-up is complete

Subcategories of Mesotherapy:

  • Meso White Face
  • Meso Eye–3 Sessions
  • Profound Injection
  • Profhilo Injection
  • Meso Cellulite–1 Session
  • Meso Rejuvenation For Face
  • Meso Hair–1 Session
  • Meso Cellulite–3 Sessions
  • Meso Rejuvenation For Hands
  • Meso Hair – 3 Sessions
  • Meso Double Chin–1 Session
  • Meso Listing And Rejuvenation For Face Lifting
  • Meso Eye–1 Session
  • Meso Double Chin–3 Sessions
  • Face Booster

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