LaseMD is a skin resurfacing platform that utilizes non-ablative fractional energy to renew your skin easily and serenely without a medical procedure or downtime.

What are the Side Effects of LaseMD Treatment?

After the session, your skin might be red and delicate, like a mild sunburn sun. These side effects usually vanish within a couple of hours

Can Anyone Undergo LaseMD Treatment?

LaseMD skin renewal treatment is suitable for anybody with common skin issues like sun damage and fine lines or anybody hoping to develop their complexion further. Not at all like other laser medicines, LaseMD is safe for all skin types and tones and is even safe for tanned skin.

Subcategories of Lasemd Treatment:

  • Lase MD – 1 Session
  • Lase MD Advance
  • Lase MD Hair 1 Session
  • Lase MD – Session With Two Ampules
  • Lase MD Advance With Ampules
  • Lase MD Hair 5 Sessions

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