In this treatment, signals from the nerves to the muscles become non-existent; therefore, the infused muscle can't contract. That causes wrinkles to unwind and relax. Botox is most frequently utilized on brow lines, crow's feet, and frown lines. Nonetheless, Botox won't assist with wrinkles brought about by sun damage.

What are the Side Effects of a Botox Treatment?

- Swelling, which is normal and subsides immediately
- Headaches
- Eye Dryness
- Drooling
- Numbness
- Muscle Pain in areas near the injection site

*Please note that all such side effects are common and are associated with such a procedure, although some happen more frequently than others.

Can Anyone Undergo this Treatment?

The requirements for this treatment vary depending on age and health, and so while it is accessible for anyone, please consult our medical staff for more detailed information related to your case.

Subcategories of Botox Treatment:

  • Botox (Glabella + Forehead + Crows Feet)
  • Botox Crows Feet (Around Eyes)
  • Nefertiti Neck
  • Botox Glabella
  • Botox Sweating (Axillae)
  • Botox Sweating (Hands)
  • Botox Per Unit

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